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──Dec 17 , 2022What are the characteristics of the drag chain cable? What matters should be paid attention to ?

Drag chain cable is a special kind of cable among many cables. Compared with ordinary cables, this type of cable has better dragability and friction resistance, and can better meet the requirements of free movement of cables during production and application. Require. It should be noted that although the performance of this type of cable has been greatly improved compared with that of ordinary cables, it is still necessary to pay more attention to some application details in practical applications, so as to better extend the usable life of the cable.


What are the characteristics of the drag chain cable?

There are normal and special types of drag chain cables. Normal drag chain cables have been greatly improved in terms of bending resistance, mobility and tensile strength, and are widely used in some automated enterprise flow workshops and ocean detectors. For special drag chain cables, in addition to the characteristics of ordinary cables, oil resistance, chemical resistance and low temperature resistance have also been greatly improved. In some industrial automatic equipment, shallow water robots, etc., they have more applications.

What problems should be paid attention to when using drag chain cable?

During the use of the drag chain cable, pay attention to twisting and knotting the cable as much as possible to avoid damage to the internal structure of the entire cable. In addition, when the cable is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time to ensure the availability of the entire cable.

In the process of using the drag chain cable, in addition to paying attention to the above problems, it is also necessary to pay attention to the process of using the cable. It is forbidden to touch or bind the two cables, otherwise it is easy to connect the cables and induce production safety hazards situation occurs.

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