Patented technology
guarantees excellent quality

High precision can
be customized φ<0.5mm
German environmental protection
raw material, strong tear resistance
Low temperature -60℃ to
High temperature +140℃
Low attenuation of signal transmission
High immunity to interference

To customize the scheme
Meet the new market demand

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

The offshore environment of petrochemical industry is harsh, so the requirement of components is very high. Sea water, e...

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

The components used in industrial water treatment are demanding because they operate continuously, and they are exposed ...

Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources

AEIN offers a variety of solutions for wind turbines and related equipment used in the production, transport and install...

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AEIN - 12 years focusing on
International standard cable

  • Strong research and development

    Strong research and development Standard certification

    Aein Cable has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many laboratories and suppliers at home and abroad,the product through, the UL CUL TUV SAA CE EAC and other international standards certification.

  • Heavy mass

    High Quality
    Full qualification certification

    We have passed the ISO9001/14001/45001 certification and SGS factory field certification, and have a complete set of high-precision production equipment and testing equipment, which can customize multiple types of cables and ensure product accuracy.

  • Full capacity

    Sufficient production capacity
    Fast product delivery

    Production base agreement10000Square meters, with 12 automated production lines, daily output of up to 18Ten thousand meters, conventional reserve300Wanmi, a full range of products, spot quick delivery, shorter delivery cycle, own import and export rights.

  • After-sales support

    Quick response
    Excellent service experience

    7x24 hours consulting services to provide customers with pre-sales selection of various programs, such as material standards, technical parameters and related applications, and can provide free samples of custom.

Client list

Ein cable, to the international market cable; Successfully serve the world500Strong enterprise1000+With international standard cable localization and export demand, the products have been exported to five continents40Many countries and regions

About AEIN

AEIN has always focused on international standard cable manufacturing, with more than one hundred invention patents and utility patents, and is a member of Shanghai Wire and Cable Research Association, and has participated in the preparation of many series of special cable industry standards. It is one of the key high-tech enterprises supported by Shanghai and one of the specialized and special new enterprises. Good standard-selene The international market is more assured!