Service support
Ein cable
We supply cable all over the world, no matter how complicated or how special the requirements

Our experienced technicians work with you to develop exactly what you need, from pre-assembled single conductors to complete cable systems to be installed, from standard cables to meet our customers' specific requirements to special cables developed and designed specifically for our customers by our technicians and engineers.

We will be more than happy to provide you with personalized suggestions and we are also more than happy to be on site to participate in the planning and development phase of your project. This way you can get the maximum support from our technical experts in the cable field from the very beginning.

Our goal is always to find the right solution for you. For us, this means that our products and systems are reliable in terms of functionality, quality and profitability.

Even if you were in Ein2If you still can't find the perfect solution for you among thousands of products, no problem

In cooperation with our Test and Inspection Center, we conduct a number of tests on our products to check their performance potential

■ Production according to customer technical requirements

The cable products we develop and manufacture for you have a wide selection in cross-sectional area and wiring technology. We offer a choice of outside diameters for your cables and conductors. Suitable for high bending cycle or small bending radius, can be used in high traction and pressure conditions and irritating media, such as: water or oil. We also offer a variety of shielding technologies: film, braided or sheathed.

■ certification

Our production and testing methods strictly comply with national and international standards. We can provide you with a certificate upon request.