Robot cable
  • Aein bei ke ® Robot 7903D High Flexibility Torsional Resistant Robot Cable

Aein bei ke ® Robot 7903D High Flexibility Torsional Resistant Robot Cable

Robot 7903D is used for power supply and signal transmission in industrial robots and machine tools with higher requirements for torsion resistance. (such as drag chains, portal robots, take-and-drop units, conveyor systems, machine tools, automated manufacturing systems, etc.).

Product introduction
  • 01 Product applicationThis product is suitable for PNZ and EMZ used for welding control on robots. Also suitable for robot encoders, servo encoding systems, used as encoder signal transmission and feedback cables, mainly used in industrial servo encoder electronic systems, automated production lines, storage equipment, robots, indoor cranes, packaging machinery, CNC machine tools and metallurgy industry and more. Suitable for harsh operating conditions with high mechanical properties Oil resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, UV resistance (indoor and outdoor) and resistance to bending and torsion at the same time.
  • 02 Product characteristics •Resistance to hydrolysis, microorganisms, fats, coolants and lubricants
    •Oil-resistant, acc. to IEC 60811-2-1
    •Conform to EMC Standard 
  • 03 Technical certification •Conform to RoHS standard
    Conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline (''Low voltage Directive'') CE
    We are pleased to produce special versions, other dimensions, core and jacket colours on request.
Structural specification

Conductor material: tinned annealed copper wire

Conductor class: superfine stranded, acc. to IEC 60228  cl. 6 pt. 4

Core insulation: ETFE

Core identification:

<18AWG: 5 cores and below are distinguished by color separation, acc. to Din 47100, multi-core cables above 5 cores are distinguished by core wire color separation, and white ink is used for distinction; 18AWG: 5 cores and below are distinguished by color separation, including yellow/ Green ground wire, Din 47100, multi-core cables with more than 5 cores use black core wires, and white ink numbers are used to distinguish them. (customized upon request if there are special requirements)

Overall stranding: Stranded in layers, back twistrd

Shield: tinned copper wire braided shielding or winding shielding

Outer sheath: Flame retardant PUR

Sheath color: Black (RAL 9005)/green (RAL 6018)

Rated voltage: IEC: 300/300V; 300/500V; 450/750V

Testing voltage:1.5 kV; 2.0 kV; 2.5 kV

Minimum bending radius (Fixed): 4 x d

Minimum bending radius (Moved): 7.5 x d < 10 mm  | 10 x d ≥ 10 mm | torsion: 10 x d

Speed: Self-support: maximum.10 m/s, Slide: Max.5 m/s 

Torque: maximum 270°/s

Conductor length: maximum. 50 m 

Bending cycle:> 1200w

Torque: >500w -270°/m; > 800w - 60°/m

Twist: +/- 270 °/m

Operating temperature (Fixed) :-40℃/ +80℃

Operating temperature (Moving) :-30℃ / +80℃, torsion: -25℃/ +80℃

Flame retardant grade: flame retardant IEC60332-1-2, VW-1, FT1

Certification: CE; UL/CUL   

Product identification: Aein bei ke®   SHANGHAI  AEIN  WIRE & CABLE  CO.,LTD Model number specification voltage FLEXIBLE CONNECTION   OIL RESISTANT ABRASION RESISTANT  CE Towing chain mark  Meter mark

Product parameter
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