CE certified cable
  • FLRYCY Car Wire


Multi-core PVC polyvinyl chloride insulated, PVC polyvinyl chloride sheathed cable is mainly used in vehicle communication.


Product introduction
  • 01 Product application Multicore PVC Polyvinyl chloride insulation,PVC PVC sheathed cable is mainly used in vehicle communication.
  • 02 Product characteristics •Flame retardant
  • 03 Technical certification • Conform to RoHS standard
    Conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline(" Low voltage Directive ")CE
Product structure

Conductor material: Bare copper conductor acc. to DIN EN13602 standard

Core insulation: PVC

Outer sheath:PVC

Core identification: Color acc. to DIN 47002 and DIN IEC 304 standard

Operat. temp. min/max: --40°C to +105°C 

Burning behavor: Self - extinguishing and flame retardant IEC60332-1-2 standard

Product identification:  Aein bei ke   SHANGHAI  AEIN  WIRE & CABLE  CO.,LTD   Model number  specification voltage   CE   

Product parameter
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