UL certified cable
  • SJOOW UL Certified Shielded Rubber Cable

SJOOW UL Certified Shielded Rubber Cable

UL& UL& CULcertified is designed for industrial equipment, heavy duty tools, electrical and welding leads, power extensions, portable machinery, audio equipment, portable stage lights, marine terminal power and mining applications. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.


Product introduction
  • 01 Product application UL& UL& CULcertified is designed for industrial equipment, heavy duty tools, electrical and welding leads, power extensions, portable machinery, audio equipment, portable stage lights, marine terminal power and mining applications. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
  • 02 Product characteristics• Excellent wear resistance to oil, acids, chemicals, water, ozone, extreme temperatures, cutting, and tearing.
    S = Extra hard service (rated for 600V)
    J = Junior (hard) service (rated for 300V)
    O = Oil resistant outer jacket
    OO = Oil-resistant outer jacket and inner insulation
    W = Weather and water-resistant - outdoor rated (note: this is NOT the same as Type W, another kind of portable cord)
  • 03 Technical certification • Conform to UL62
    • Conform to CSA C22.2-49
    • Conform to RoHS
    • UL/CSA certification
    • Customization is acceptable for products of special construction, other sizes, cores and colors of sheathing
Product structure

Conductor material: Copper stranded 

Conductor class: acc. to DIN VDE 0295 class 5, acc. to IEC 60228 class 5

Core insulation:EP

Core identification: Preferred color: black, white, red, yellow green (green), orange, from 6 Root blackRAL9005Line, with white numbers, with or without yellow/green

Stranding: Core stranding and filling

Shielding: Tinned copper wire braided shielding

Shielding density:≥85%

Outer sheath: CPE

Jacket color: Black RAL9005 (Optional)

Rated voltage:300V

Test voltage:18AWG-11AWG  2000V;  10AWG  3000V

Minimum bending radius fixed:7.5x d

Minimum bending radius moved:10x d

Operat. temp. fixed min/max: --40 °C / +105 °C  -40 °C / +90 °C  -40 °C / +75 °C  -40 °C / +60 °C

Operat. temp. moved min/max: --40 °C / +105 °C  -40 °C / +90 °C  -40 °C / +75 °C  -40 °C / +60 °C

Burning behavior: Self-extinguishing and flame retardant acc. to IEC60332-1-2  FT1  VW-1

Oil resistance: acc. to EN 60811-2-1

Approvals: CE:H07RN-F,H07BN4-F,H07RN8-F If needed CE Certification should be noted separately.

Product identification: E503807 ® AWM  Model number  specification  temperature  voltage  VW-1 or ® AWM I  A specification  temperature  voltage FT2

Product parameter
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